We are known for our regularly dropped type-n-tech-related events in the middle of Kreuzberg. An exclusive mix of unique interaction-concepts, innovative topics, contemporary artists & qualitative exhibits are always taking place in our lovely decorated showroom with vibrant soul & atmosphere.
Our parties and exhibitions are legendary & uniquely curated with an unerring pick for zeitgeisting guests and shaking trends: we know what’s out there and like traditions in the same manner like new lifestyled happenings in the media-art-culture. Our windowfront and fassade always gets a new lettering and painting for every event. – Created and done by us or different artists, we invite.
We attract a hybrid target audience: something between all sort of designers vs. technology nerds, coders or inventors, artists & typographers vs. Berlin’s start-up scene or general industry people vs. just normal people interested in new thing happening in the “Kiez”.


In general we love to show interdisciplinary stuff, which you might not find and see in casual galeries: prototypes, set up installations specially developed to fit in our showroom space or conceptual remixes of things which already happened in another context or never happened before!It’s all about the right intersections & combinations of old and new technics. Aswell: As “higher” the technology gets, as more we – on the other hand- jump back to the analogue ways of producing letters by hand or calligraphy or “oldschool” traditional art in general.
The contents might be produced by us, or by others. We also see ourselves as promoters of the-hidden-but-already-existing-great-stuff-out-there, which often not finds the right slot to be seen yet and be correctly or immediately understood to become “mainstream”. Sometimes the context is just missing: We care to create context! Means that creating culture?
It is a lot about niches and special interest content, we want to support. We are explorer & seekers and love geeking and nerding. – And music!.. which always plays a role, too.