»ALT+FCTS on VRenice Beach« – Retune Festival 2018

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It is a pleasure to join and support our design+art+tech friends of the retune festival once again!

After the conference day at Silent Green on thursday, we invite you to come along on friday the 28th and saturday 29th september in our Letters Are My Friends’ showroom.

»ALT+FCTS on VRenice Beach«
– Welcome to a museum of moving surreality and other alternative facts.

High tech inna low tech world. Parallel virtuality in progress. post private – digital public. Noise Artifacts. Great encounters and big endings. VRenice Beach is close! And what about objects and bodies? timeinspaceintimeinspaceintimeinspace as usual. 5 conceptual positions (and more) how to cope with the in-between of digital and analogue worlds.

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As part of the satellite events of the Retune Festival 2018, Letters Are My Friends curate a design+art show around questions and answers of moving (sur)realities:
We present our latest performative work „SHelfie”, little creatures which wanna be “Here with you 2017“ by Small Fast Feisty and the motion piece “The Great Encounter, The Ending” by Anna Louise Lorenz, along with two extracts of the practice based research project ‘VRenice Beach – museum of moving surreality‘: “post private – digital public” – a VR installation by Elisabeth Prehn and Finn Steffens and “Noise Artifacts” by Moritz Tontsch, Katharina Wilting und Nigell Lay, – all students from the image & motion department at Köln International School of Design (KISD).

— Come as you are, bring a book along and have a drink with us!

Come by any time!

Opening hours:

– Friday, 28.9., 10:00 – 18:00h
> Talks at 14:00-14:30h and 16:00-16:30h about the research project VRenice Beach @ KISD
– Saturday, 29.9., from 16:00h Finnisage and official unofficial Retune Closing Party
> extend the festival with us!

Many thanks to our tech-sponsor GetGrover and the Retunefestival Team!



What to expect:

As the interactive exhibition is open the whole day, we are around and would love to chat on designing MR, post digitalism, VR concepts, interaction models, alternative facts and fictions. We appreciate your feedback and would love to collaborate with you within the Letters Are My Friends’ interactive and participatory piece ‚SHELFIE’! For that, bring a big book with a deep, philosophic, weird, strange or at least great designed title and cover! Don’t worry, you will take it home again…

Officially, there will be a talk about some of the installations and the context of the research project VRenice Beach – museum of moving surreality on Friday, 28. September, 2pm and at 4pm told by students of the Köln International School of Design.

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»SHelfie« von Letters Are My Friends (Shifty Capslock / Bärbel Bold / Ingo Italic)

In addition to a series of photographs, “Shelfies” is a performative live VR helmet installation by Letters Are My Friends that focuses on the critical conflict between virtuality and corporeality. True to the motto, “dreaming is the best VR”, in the form of alternative “head mounted displays (HMD)”, a quite primitive way of entering into the supposed virtual space (of 2the mind and the imagination). Especially from the outside, it is important to observe this, as we are used to from selfies. Critically contributing to contemporary VR technologies that neglect the materiality of the body and its range of motion, this series and installation of invisible virtual self-portrayals humorously responds to this essential denial gap in the industry. The body and its gestures disappear through the ironic “book-VR-glasses-objects” in the black-box (of the actor), who transforms his virtual-pleasurable body into an invisible human-machine interaction that resembles a dance or choreography. Or was it clicking on a button? In a vacuum, the imagination views its own, detached navigation alternatives with gestures, postures and poses in/to/for/through the analogue VR space. Timeinspaceintimeinspaceintimeinspace as usual. Virtuality Vs. embodiment as participatory performance case.

»Here with you 2017« by Small Fast Feisty

In this ongoing series of creatures, little fellas are designed to just hang out with you. They do nothing besides breathing and being present. Its a little exercise in just being there. Which is usually uncommon for 3D animated characters. These guys are all hyped up on Awareness. Have fun hanging out and maybe breath with them.


»Noise Artifacts« von Moritz Tontsch, Katharina Wilting und Nigell Lay

What happens if you transfer objects between virtual and physical reality? Many objects in Venice symbolize a process of physical decay. A virtual image of one of these is created and transformed between the physical and virtual reality. Through a feedback loop an attempt to visualize digital decay is made. The artifacts are exhibited in a physical as well as virtual exhibition.

»post private – digital public« by Elisabeth Prehn & Finn Steffens

With the interactive VR installation ‘post private – digital public’ the question of how do we move in digital spaces was investigated, as well as the border of private and public areas within the digital world. As we perceive the digital always in 2D, this VR installation gives the opportunity to move in a more physical kind of way through cyber space. While the player is moving through this world by scrolling and clicking, his or her experience is exposed to the public, as it is projected on two big screens, which form the installation space.

Get a glimpse on the documentation! 

»The Great Encounter, The Ending« by Anna Luise Lorenz

Imagine yourself in a dark space. Without any point of visual reference or sensory clues, how do you know if you are either floating, or forever falling? And now imagine: without any notion of change, how do you know the duration of the moment you are living in? Welcome to the Island of Eternal Life, orbiting around the vast empty ocean of planet Earth. With no notion of passage of time its inhabitants are adapting to their belief system of stasis: moments of no-change, stringed together to infinity. History is nullified by a permanent loop of amnesia. Its inhabitants are in a happy state of pre-birth. The illusion of eternity turns into reality. One day, the Island of Eternal Life meets the Island of Ultimate Beauty. This occurrence introduces ‘The Different’, and begins what some called ‘The Great Encounter’, others ‘The Ending’.


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