Letters Are My Friends is a concept store for typography right in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. A place where analogue and digital type meet with emerging technologies: – We call it TYPE ’n’ TECH! One part of ‘Letters Are My Friends’ is a cosy showroom where letter relationships can be experienced in a physical space and progressive way. The other part consists of a production label: design studio vs. prototyping lab. We present applied typography in a dazzling variety:

Peripherical perforated paper projections, spacy letterboxing, type’n’motion voxel folding, 3D ink raycasting, turntypetablelism, dolby surround fatcap-tracking, tasty toasted gpu fonts, trigonometric triangle trading and of course some serious conversations about language, its aesthetics and the future of writing.


No matter if you are a typenerd or just starting to appreciate the well dressed alphabet – our space is there to meet, greet and find out more about the skills we offer. You can buy a set of magnetic letters from TYPECUTTER or view the latest exhibition. If you like to touch things there is our hacked and Arduino-upgraded INFINITE TYPETROOPER typewriter from the 1920s waiting for your fingertips. You can bring your own little prototype out of paper or circuits and we will see what happens.
The very first reason why we set-up the showroom was to be able to have a realworld experience again with makers and designers. Make sure to check our events section and come by to view internationally curated shows on typography and related matters. When are you coming by?!



Bärbel Bold’s heart is rooted in experimental lettering type illustration, media art and grafic design. She has profound experience in the field of Type’n’Motion as a director and motion designer. Additionally of LAMF’s type & tech topics she’s running her own production & motiondesign studio NINDUSTRICT for the last 15 years and is teaching at ZHDK. Since April 2016, she is professor for the area of expertise and research area of “Image & Motion“ at KISD | TH Köln in Cologne. As a networker and researcher by nature, she’s deeply tied to the media, tech & art scene. She postgraduated at Filmakademie Baden Württemberg.


Ingo Italic is a freestyle-typo architect. He has a background in interaction design and programming. He studied computer sciences at FH Furtwangen and worked internationally as a software developer and designer for 8 years. Multitouch and gestural interfaces are his addiction. He is co-founder of the streetartcollective Mongomania, and also known as KE4.
2014 he dropped out of Letters Are My Friends and immigrated to Canada. But will always stay a letterfriend.


Letters Are My Friends just offers the perfect net- & framework within our – so called – letterheads might find the right inspiration to deal with and share their creativity. So far, we offer a professional playground for synergies with low or no hierarchies. We like functional networks, where sharing means caring.
Everyone at Letters Are My Friends is selfemployed and expertized as a specialized designer with its very own skill- & mindset within a certain discipline. We constantly improve our mode of cooperation and decision making to maximize our studio’s innovation capacity.


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