Are you in love with the beautiful round curves of a ‘B’ ? Can you stare for hours at the swing of a well crafted ‘S’ lor play with knobs? Does your beloved get jealous that you keep a chocolate ‘R’ under your pillow every night? You have a serious desease. Don’t worry – we can’t cure it – but we can help.
Meet others that share the same condition like you. There is nothing better to start the day with other enthusiasts that love to tweak and tinker the alphabets of the future and reach new x-hights every week. All our symptoms are different – we help by group meetings and evening recreations that alter your state of mind. 
We are looking for likeminded, reliable co-workers who share our passion for the well-dressed alphabet and new technolgies and don’t mind having a beautiful renovated workspace right between Kotti & Hermannplatz with a showroom.



We love/organize/listen/make
hook up/run/colaborate
lots of/lovefilled/hands-on
All between design,
type & tech.

We would love to share our space with open minded people with a grounded feeling for work and life and appreciate working experience and reliability for a long time relation. It’s great if you are addicted to well-dressed alphabets vs. new technology as we are, but not mandatory.

We’re looking for fellows (nerds welcome!) who – in the best case- not only share the most of their time with us in a symbiotic way but who bring some excitement for our concept and want to exchange with us.

Rent is including 24h access, insurances and facilities, use of our showroom and a selfmade concrete table in a paralellogramm-shape.

Drop us a line about yourself and your most favourite letter. We would love to meet you!
Spread the word or email us!


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