VVVVlagshipstore Opening – 14.12.2012

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We proudly host vvvv’s first international vlagshipstore. In a wonderful act of modesty the hybrid textual / graphical programming environment goes realworld. Just 10 days short of its 10th anniversary on December 24th 2012 vvvv performs a friendly takeover and humbly discloses its first international vlagshipstore at our premises. ”Everything we knew was wrong!” 10 years in the making the software is clearly at its peak. The number of licensees easily overflows 6 bytes and featurewise the international community of users is asking for a break. But vvvv can’t rest and has evolved out if its virtual boundaries just in time.
An undisclosed source at vvvv is quoted “Quad the fuck!?” The first international vlagshipstore will open on December 14th 2012. It will feature an exhibition of works by artists Rainer Kohlberger, Eno Henze, Arístides Job García Hernández, Ingo Italic and Bärbel Bold, some live-techno-jazz by tonfilm and special appearances by a doctor and Santa Claus. Tickets to the vvvvip opening are publicly available through for 10€. Due to the very limited number of tickets sold it is advised to act quick. Strictly no chance of entry without ticket!

Interviews filmed at the 10 year aniversary event of VVVV at Letters Are My Friends in Berlin in December 2012.

Locationhosts & Event: Letters Are My Friends
Camera: Judith Holzer
Video: Ingo Italic