Opening – 01.06.2011

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Ingo Italic created a projection mapping installation on lasercut letters on the aquarium: “Words don’t come easy”. Bärbel Bold created a permanent light installation for illuminating the showroom, which worked like a turning discoball but only with letters refl ecting on the wall. She called it “Moons“. We were proudly beta-testers of the amazing LetterMPress iPad App, which wasn’t released yet. 
Therefore even more exciting to run 2 verions of it at our opening hanging on the wall, in special built frames for the iPads. Also we showed a motion role on our Sony Bravia TV, where the best motion works of all letterheads have been screened through the night.


Drinks and snacks were served for free. Livemusic performed by Graciela Maria (Project Mooncircle) & Sneaky with his cello.

Fickr gallery of the event.