VOODLE CLUB #1 – 29.03.2014

VOODLE CLUB #1 – 29.03.2014

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The Food and Voodoo Doodle club.
– Voodle is the alchemy to cure your ills:
A special kind of supper club combined with a doodling session plus some extra voodoo!


Hosted by Letters Are My Friends (Berlin’s concept store & lab for type&tech) and the nefarious Kaizoku (probably the only Japanese Curry pop-up crew in Europe), who thought let’s spice up our lives with some voodoo!

It’s quite simple, really.

You arrive with a sketchbook, favourite drawing gear and your hunger.

We give you some extraordinary food to fill your belly and a silly-wow drink to loosen up your sketching hand.

And we all doodle.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t drawn since kindergarten. You won’t have to show anybody. It works like a healingsession anyway! And if you forget your supplies we’ll have some spares available.

And where is the Voodoo? Will we be sacrificing a goat? No. The Voodoo is the hoodoo that occurs when we have a special bunch of people chilling out, having a surprising saturday night voodle fever time and re-learning how to draw for just the hell of it.

With a bar, of course. And some good tunes. And as usual a vibrant mix of good add-ons plus bananas. As unusual, there is a limit of people involved!

Too casual to be a supper club, too inclusive to be artsy. Too odd to be normal. Too exclusive to be a bananashake. Welcome to our first Voodle!


Saturday March 29
19:00 onwards. Doors close at 19:30.

€ 15 per person – food & drink, bananas & voodoo buzz included!
Since we want this to be a comfortable atmosphere, we’re keeping numbers down and closing doors at 19:30.

How to grab your almost-all inclusive slot?
You must reserve your spot in advance by emailing to Kira Kana here or book it right away via paypal by clicking the button below!