Typo Warm Up: Letters Are My Franchise / 11th may 2016

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÷÷÷÷÷÷ Letters Are My Franchise ÷÷÷÷÷÷

Wake up, it’s may! Long time no see!
Long time no typo-techy hand- & heartshake!
Letters Are My Friends and Friends invite you to our Franchise Night.
Once again, we gonna warm up TYPO Berlin on 11th wednesday with many special guests and friends:


We welcome from France Prototypo.
They gonna launch their fresh webbased font generator first time in Berlin. Louis-Rémi Babé and Yannick Mathey, the founders, are from Lyon and one of them is here to speak with their lead dev François Poizatat TYPO Labs, which ends at the same day.




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We host the type ‘n’ motion design class from FH Münster School of Design (MSD), who gonna show their motion campaign with and for Prototypo, supervised and initiated by Bärbel Bold, visiting professor last year.


We receive design student guests from Australia’s RMIT, who already visited us last year, while touring to TYPO Berlin. They will deny a typographic robotic speed-crabs – workshop with us the day before. So they and you aswell gonna be involved into a crab-race later instructed by Letters Are My Friends’ Crap Club Dientzlaken e.V.


That night, we are also celebrating our 5th birthday; lots of things happened, and we are still here in our cosy Boppstrasse 7. Therefor we are also launching a special design package created by our new letterhead Tinker TurnUp aka Tina Lehmkuhl, aswell a student from MSD.
Enough reasons, we are looking forward opening our doors and requick our showroom with you! As usual a colourful mix of audible surprises is waiting for you, next to fun people, open hearts and drinks.
Don’t miss this!
C U After 8.

your Letterheads

P.s. Remember the last time, we cheered birthday?!

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