Typographic Speed Crabs w/ RMIT

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This time for the second year in a row we had visitors from down under. The RMIT design faculty crew with Dale Nason was in the house again and re-furbished the showroom and windowfront. They kicked A** with their designs of the typographic robot crabs. With support of the RMIT fellows, we could develop this new interactive type & tech – crab centered- audio-visual live format.

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But let’s start from the beginning. Dale Nason and the students from RMIT Universitiy Melbourne decided to go on a european adventure and stop by in Berlin 2015. This was such an amazing intermezzo, that they decided to come back 2016!




Among other things like Typo Berlin, they came to Kreuzberg and attended our workshop on “how to build your own robot crab”. Two other student teams were involved into creative briefs on spatial design and helped creating the crab racetrack on the floor for the interactive live show. They also blessed us with an awesome new windowfront – ‘Kern Your Ego’.



After the workshop we held a racing competition with our very own crab club ‘Sunshine Calamari’. Inspired by the carabean crabraces we experienced during our holidays, all crabs had to competete against each other by running from the center of a circle outwards. Whoever reached the last outter circle won!  The grand-champion of the night was Q-Tip. No one was able to catch up with his six hyperspeed Nikes.



Dale, girls & boys: Thank you very much for this hypermotivated, superfun and highly creative day we spend together. We are deeply in love with your styles, energy and sunny minds. Thanks to you we are now proud hosts of 10 typographic speed robot crabs, a polygonal podium landscape in our aquarium, a fancy colourful race-carpett on the floor and a new windowpiece – Dope!





Thanks to this – for us very important- RMIT workshop and rehearsal of our new game show format “Sunshine Calamari Craprace” we could go two weeks later to spain and do it again there at the OFFF Barcelona. See the extra review on it here!

A documentation of the two parted workshop, and the final game show performance, see below.