Con<>form – 19.07.2012

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On 19th of July the two parties Content & Form are competing visually and interactive at Letters Are My Friends’ typographic concept store: The collaborative exhibition CON<>FORM deals with the subject of conceptual contentdriven editorials versus free-form based graphic design within the setting of a politically incorrect debate: are content and form contradictory or complimentary?
The respective representatives for form and content are VA300 – a screenprint poster edition created 2010 in Augsburg, Germany and a free quarterly publication called POSTRmagazine from Ghent, Belgium. Both sides have a very unique and opposed approach on design: VA 300, initiated by Michael Titze, Sebastian Onufszak, Benjamin Stephan & Christoph Haag followed a curated exhibition concept.

As part of it they invited well-known national and international design studios to create a silkscreen poster for the 300th anniversary of the University of Augsburg. Contributing artists are Mirko Borsche, C100/Purple Haze, HelloHikimori, Evgeny Kiselev, Eike König, Eva Krusche, The Rainbowmonkey, Sebastian Onufszak, Smatik and Viagrafik. VA300 also came up with a generative poster creator.

POSTRmagazine, piloted by Pieter de Kegel & Rob van Jaarsveld, dubs itself a ‘counter culture chronicle’. In an editorial landscape of ad-driven content and sponsored magazines, POSTR sports a new form of non-mainstream gonzo journalism, infused with a healthy dose of accurate paranoia and surprising revelations.

On the day of the exhibition, POSTRmagazine will also be releasing its latest issue on identity and privacy in the digital era. Dressed up as a BBQ election fun(d)raiser, which is also the 1 year birthday celebration party of Letters Are My Friends, both parties will attempt to raise the most votes for their posters. At the end of the day we will know which side will take the throne and wave its tyrannical scepter over the bloody battlefield that is the public space.



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