ABC=BBQ – 03.08.2011

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We rescheduled this months bash due to a rubbish july, formerly known as summer, and would be very pleased to see as many of you as possible on the new date. Put Wednesday the 3rd of August in your calendars, schedules and muttihefte. There’s going to be a proper BBQ. With a grilling and a typografic challenge (to put all the little accent marks right in place) involving Ćevapčići [tɕɛv̞ǎːpi], the Balkans favorite meat dish (also in a vegetarian version). If that’s not good enough for you, come for the super secret surprise guests or our lovely new facade & faces. We are also showcasing the german chapter of the graffiti research lab with their Laser BlitzTag by Achim Kern.
Additionally we installed a typographic grill livestream to Bärbel Bold’s parent’s old TV of the 70ies, which was standing inside of the showroom, where also the GRL Germany was set up. The famous letterers and illustrators of Peachbeach, who painted our storefront new, were also present. Lovely BBQ with a lot of fun and interesting people! We guess at that night Berlin’s Graffiti Scene was in the house.


Flickr gallery of the event.



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