Pictoplasma: Menace Beach – 10.04. + 28.04.2013

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Press Info

On 10th april, in frame of the Pictoplasma festival we’ll have an exhibition of our “Lettersfriends” LowBros coming up! Under the name “Menace Beach” they’ll present a new, fictional skateboard gang, based on the 70’s and 80’s skateboard era. As well as a small film project they’ve been working on together with Editude Pictures and a lot of other stuf f you shouldn’t miss! 
Our whole showroom will turn into “Menace Beach”, which also includes a skateable miniramp in the shop window. There will be great music support by Sarah Farina, Efalive and Migs Jacker during the opening day. At 6pm you’ll get some fresh cocktails at the bar! So be on board and roll by.


DJs: Sarah Farina / Efalive / Joney
Thanks for the support: Skyranch Berlin