Type & Sound II – 11.11.2011

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The famous Meek.FM typesynthesizer modulating music synced to type. – It is the only one-of-its-kind, and has been shown at the Typo2007 and some other festivals, but since then disappeared in a bookshelf of his creators. It is just the right time, to resurrect it.
What else is happening on this one-time AM / PM event? Due to this unique date “11.11.2011-11Uhr11” Letters Are My Friends want to invite you two times at this day at 11.11 a.m. / p.m. -sharp- to come over to our showroom, each time for a special paint-speed-dating session limited to 5 minutes.
This means: we are playing music and in the meantime all participants – separated in two people vis-à-vis – are drawing on the same paper. Dedicated to get known your counterpart better, it is meant to show off your personal typetype and at least your name.


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