BTK Berlin Workshop

08 Jul 2016, Posted by admin in

Please watch the workshop results over at our Vimeo account. Participants and music: Dead Inside - Muse by Leo Klocke Lifeformed - Fastfall by Adrian Azadvaten Tool by Marion Schröder Supertramp by Sophia Koch S. Kutznetsov - Sehnsucht by Ana Caroline de Almeida Porter Robinson by Carolin Kunstwadl Noahs Boat - Echo by...

Typographic Speed Crabs w/ RMIT

05 Jul 2016, Posted by admin in

  Thanks to this - for us very important- RMIT workshop and rehearsal of our new game show format "Sunshine Calamari Craprace" we could go two weeks later to spain and do it again there at the OFFF Barcelona. See the extra review on it here! A...

Interactive Videoinstallation for Onitsuka Tiger

09 Feb 2016, Posted by admin in

Thank you BOLD X FashionDaily.TV for this nice re-capture of the Fashion week event, for which we have been commissioned to contribute an interactive videoinstallation for Onitsuka Tiger! Also many thanks to Michael Grün from 123 Fabrik, who did a really nice job in scenography...

Type & Tech – Glowing character bags @ TYPO BERLIN 2015 – 22.5.2015

09 Jun 2015, Posted by admin in

  This is how our group foto session looked in the blinking mode.   Thank you Typo Berlin for having us! Find some great TYPO-Impressions at slanted or in the Typo Berlin flickr picture stream here:


21 Nov 2013, Posted by admin in

An applied case of using vvvv-patch “Buchstabengewitter” in motion design is shown in our Letters Are My Friends Opener, directed and animated by Bärbel Bold _____________ Thanks to: Sounddesign by Nikolai von Sallwitz...