Category: Products, Prototypes
“The most interesting part of an animation is always the transition from A to B!” To check and demonstrate if this is true, Bärbel Bold was looking for the proof of case of „Buchstabengewitter“ in moving imagery, and shows in a test series called „weatherproof“ the flexibility and applicability in four experimental ‘type in motion’ cases. This prototype is an animated alphabet generated out of the Buchstabengewitter vvvv patch, where each animated letter can be downloaded as an image sequence and used for different purposes in moving imagery.
Based on different animated letters in different fonts and motion design set-ups she tested the words ‘sunny’, ‘cloudy’, ‘rainy’ and ‘stormy’, trying to achieve readability in the few moments of an continually morphing letter-set-up. Watch out for the coloured states of animation! These are the moments, to pick it up. Additionally, there is added some type in motion generated by a different parametric approach, of growing 3D models rendered in vectors.

The project was part of UpperCase & Lower Space – a night with parametric typography at Letters Are My Friends on 19th may 2012. See some pics of the show here.