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Based on the idea that the most interesting part of an animation is always the transition from A to B, Letters Are My Friends are dedicating their latest research to this topic: At first sight, the Buchstabengewitter is an animated typeface based on Alte Haas Grotesk, combined with lines and shapes. A spinning circle is moving around a glyph. Each point on the outline of the letter is connected to a point on the circle. Through the movement of the connecting lines new patterns emerge. Our eyes are always caught between realizing a lettershape or just crossing lines.Each letter is animated and morphed in vvvv. We tried to push the limits of a readable animated glyph.
Each letter can be morphed into any glyph of the alphabet. That makes it easy to blend also several words into each other. On second sight, through its generative development we set the foundation for a flexible framework based on animated vectors created in vvvv, that can be easily shaped and changed and then i.e. exported and used in other projects.
Change the basic font within the vvvv-patch and play around with some other parameters like lines, speed, general shapes and get a completely new typedesign. As easy as that!
With the Buchstabengewitter we tried to approach a new way of morphing typedesign, within the combination of animation and generative design.

Based on this method, we developed a bunch of other creations and installations like the interactive multitouchable Buchstabengewitter extended,  a typewriterkit called The Infinite Typetropper or our fontcase LF Bopp Spirelli.

See also the feature on Creative Applications.


An applied case of using vvvv-patch “Buchstabengewitter” in motion design is shown in our Letters Are My Friends Opener, directed and animated by Bärbel Bold

Thanks to:
Sounddesign by Nikolai von Sallwitz