BTK Berlin Workshop

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The BTK is a university for applied sciences with three campuses in Hamburg, Iserlohn, and Berlin. They offer six bachelor’s degree programs in Communication Design, Photography, Illustration, Film & Motion Design, Game Design, and Interaction Design / New Media, as well as one master’s degree program in Media Spaces.
We were kindly invited by Prof. Christian Mahler to do a weeklong generative type-in-motion workshop during the Dynamic Type Symposium 2016. Our goal was to design animated record sleeves with the visual programming environment VVVV. The students had to choose a band and song as a starting point for the animation. Then each word and image had to be generated within VVVV.
As part of the workshop we extended our VVVV Library for glyph animations. It is possible to deconstruct lettershapes of installed windows system fonts in various ways. The toolkit makes it easier to come up with unusual animations that don’t look like your average After Effects plug-in.

Please watch the workshop results over at our Vimeo account.


Participants and music:

Dead Inside – Muse by Leo Klocke
Lifeformed – Fastfall by Adrian Azadvaten
Tool by Marion Schröder
Supertramp by Sophia Koch
S. Kutznetsov – Sehnsucht by Ana Caroline de Almeida
Porter Robinson by Carolin Kunstwadl
Noahs Boat – Echo by Marco Walker
SON /|\ by Jonathan Qai Jiang Hew
Dan Billu – Speech Bubbles by Shira Fogel
The XX by Sacha Pharaon & Kevin Garz

Thanks to all the participants!