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Welcome our latest conceptual
font creation, which you can get with the help of a poster!

»LF Bopp Spirelli«
— A fontfamily with
»type & tech heart«. A hyperlinked original!


Story. As Jakob Runge finished his new font »Franziska« in early 2013, he made an open call for designing specimen for a booklet publication. We used the opportunity to remix his font within our vvvv-typekit, which we had developed around the same time.

By adding certain new properties to the base vectors and go from there to a completely different typedesign direction, we came up aesthetically with a new sort of fontcase: based on Franziska, but not looking like it anymore! A hyperlinked original! »LF Bopp Spirelli« was born. — A fontfamily with »type & tech heart«

For now, we released three styles: style »Spike« i.e. is based on »Franziska«, while style »Spike Grotesk« is based on »Cera«, both original typefaces by Jakob Runge of »type me! Font Foundry«. It was obvious that we’ve asked Jakob Runge to fontengineer this adventurous font case.

Find details here & get it!




Details. »LF Bopp Spirelli« is a showcase of generated typefaces, which we made in vvvv. It is based on algorithms and parameters created in a generative realtime software environment, which we run like add-ons on existing fontvectors.
Therefor you could see this font above as an exemplary showcase out of million styles, we could have done.
Modifiactions were created in our developed framework »Buchstabengewitter«, a two component type generator, which literally acts out of character: – one part contains a vector based font – the other part contains parameter sets of rotation, lines and some math, relating to the outlines of the basic font.alle_3_schnitte_colours
With our tool, we open up a new universe of shapes, far away from the basic embedded font. It offers a dazzling array of new style-possibilities which you would not even think of. It brings the design of typography to a new level and upgrades usually decent shaped fonts in the world of letters.
We decided to use it for our book we working on: Letters Are My Friends’ »Keep Tha Kerning Tight«. And here we are!

Now, it’s time to get
YOUR LF BOPP SPIRELLI! Therefor you need the poster!

So, just click the button here and follow the paypal instructions. And don’t forget to add you adress! Or send it extra via email. Of course you can also stop by in our typographic concept store at Boppstrasse 7, 10967 Berlin and pick it up personally.

How? We release the first edition as a free give away. Three unique styles are awaiting your action!

To receive the orginal font-files you need to take a picture of the finished »drawing by numbers« which you will find on the poster. – For a donation of 8 € we send you the poster, wherever you are!



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