Work in progress: POV – Realtime 3D Font Case! Call for programmers and font engineers.

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Work in progress: POV – Realtime 3D Font Case

Bärbel Bold created some type in motion generated by changing the parameters of growing and extracting 3D models rendered in a vector look. These experiments shown here give you only a lil taste of what she’s planning.
Actually, she aims to create the first “real” 3D font & environment.

She is researching on 3D animated type in motion cases. Being well familiar with computer generated images in 3D and knowing about the versatile effects you get, when you move the camera perspective on a 3D type, she would love to figure out and dig into this complex fontengineering of a flexible and dynamic 3D font universe.

She was always wondering how an animated 3D font could look like? Why are realtime features and parameters – you get while working in 3D – not included in the typedesigner’s software world nowadays?

This clip is a prototyping study for this topic: How could we merge 3D attributes & animation and open up a new approach on typedesign?

In a lot of typefaces there is always the 3D depth layers simulated as a static visual component in i.e. a blockstyle or some shadowing etc..- But what if there would be a way to leave the flatten 2D design of a font? And what if the 3D component would really be an interactive part of a typeface, which could be set up by the designer depending on which perspective he might need right now: the topshot or rather a frogperspective? With heavy shadowing or without?

The aesthetic of this font would rather be sculptural characters than a flat graphic. There should be full access to 3D features by choosing your camera-angle the way you like it.

Within this font there will be a whole 3D character universe technically programmed. – Probably we might need to come up with a software kit.

Right now, we are looking for fontengineers and programmers who want to colaborate on this journey. If you feel appealed please write me an email to

Thank you very much!

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