What is Infirmity? Bible Meaning and Significance for Us Today

05 May 2023, Posted by admin in Sober living

We look very different in these different phenotypical states. Particularly notable to this discussion is what we look like in threat. In threat, we can be mobilized towards aggressive or reactive defenses or we can be immobilized into passive or submissive defenses.

spiritual sickness definition

According to Corbin and Strauss (2008) grounded theory is a qualitative research methodology used to investigate the social processes involved in human interactions, and the structure and the process leading to them (16–17). Ashley Hooker is a freelance writer who spends her time homeschooling her two children, ministering alongside her husband as he pastors a rural church in West Virginia, and writing about her faith. Currently, she is a contributing author for Journey Christian magazine.

What is spiritual sickness?

Data were coded and grouped under specific categories and analyzed using the Strauss and Corbin’s approach (2008). As long as pop Christianity is nurtured in the church, then Christians will be inadvertent accomplices in spreading the spiritual sickness of cynicism in our pews (and even beyond spiritual malady definition into the wider culture). This is because the physical body changes along with altering its DNA to match our soul growth. But the same symptoms of regular spiritual sickness arise. When we are under threat, we create a bias towards negative, selfish, aggressive and prejudiced thoughts.

spiritual sickness definition

One is a mobilization response where we approach, bond, empathize, love, reproduce, seek resources, share resources, problem-solve, discover, create, sing, dance, play, laugh, and experience interpersonal connections. This is frequently referred to as ‘breed and feed” physiology, although it is clearly much more than just that. The other safety phenotype is one of relative immobilization where we relax, repair, recovery, digest, defecate, contemplate, daydream, sleep, dream, and experience spiritual connections. This is frequently referred to as “digest and rest” physiology although it too is much more than that. We know from our human experience that it is possible to look fine on the outside and yet carry disease on the inside. And doctors tell us that the most contagious period for viruses usually occurs before symptoms start showing.

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This is frequently referred to as “falter (or freeze) and faint” physiology. One of the things that does not go away is being energetically sensitive. The more we heal and dissolve the old ego, the more sensitive we tend to become. That means we are more aware of how life is flowing and where there is supportive energy and where spaces are depleting. This clarity allows us to set appropriate energetic boundaries, but along with that, we continue to do our work to notice where ego issues create suffering and the sense of sickness. We always looks to ourselves, and in so doing, we better understand our sensitivities as well as our strengths.

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