LF Jane Fonda

Category: Fonts
At the arts festival Parkway Utopia 2011 in Stuttgart, Germany we were invited to do a Letters Are My Friends intervention. Our idea was to ask people from the street to form their favourite letter, to shape and mimic it with their bodies. We squadded a little shopwindow where we took pictures of the poses. Back in Berlin our fabulous intern Paul Punze vectorized the outlines and generated a font called LF Jane Fonda.

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Bild 32Bild 31


The idea popped up when Bärbel Bold & Ingo Italic were doing a special kind of ABC – photosession: using the limit of the duration of a 10 second timer to spontaneously create a letter with their bodies. Meaning, they had to come up in 10 seconds with a solution how to ‘perform’ the letter.

Bild 33

You should try this, to get an idea how much excitement lies in this easy rule-set.