Modular type from Joshua Koomen

03 May 2011, Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Does real typographic craftsmanship today involve learning a programming language? When you look at the portfolio of Joshua Koomen it seems obvious. All his work shows the amazing potential that lies in generative & modular type. Wether it is a lasercutted photoframe for a festival of his university, a 3D printed ‘genotype’ logo or his two software versions of Typeconstructor written in Processing. No wonder that this talent has two quite known mentors: Frank Blokland and Just van Rossum.

Joshua was inspired to programm type by a talk the random ‘twins’ gave at a lecture about automated font design for government fonts in 2009.

These lasercut slices were generated with the second version of the Typeconstructor. You can export your favourite font results as a vector file and load them i.e. in Illustrator or any other source.

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