iQ font – the car becomes a pencil.

28 Apr 2011, Posted by admin in Uncategorized

This project fits so well in our definition of ‘type meets new tech’ that we don’t mind if it is almost 2 years old. Toyota hired typeheads Pierre & Damien, a racecar driver named Stef van Campenhoudt and openFrameworks mastermind Zach Liebermann to develop a typeface that is made by the driving traces of a car.

iQ driving 'z'

The guys set up a tracking camera in a hangar near Brussels that was tracking four coloured dots on the roof of the Toyota iQ. By maneuvering the car as if it would a pencil they created a nice font. Watch the making-of and download the typeface. The agency who pulled this together is called Happiness Brussels. Well done!

the genious behind the laptop

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