Sweaty Feet Typeface

Category: Fonts
As an international colaboration Sweaty Feat could be called a social typeface. The world is our canvas and you are the pencil!
Sweaty Feet is a social geographic typeface that was designed by runners in 13 different cities all over the world. We made an open call to send in your favourite letters or word. By using the mobile app Figure Running people could use their GPS traces from a mobile phone to paint lines and letters. After we received the submission we started vectorizing the traces and presented the typeface and its making of in an exhibition.

You can download it here: SWEATY FEET.ZIP!

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About Figure Running
FigureRunning is a new sport that encourages you to get creative, go outside and discover new places while running and getting fit. The competition is not about your running speed or distance, it’s all about drawing.