Feierabendlectures / starts 22.8.

22 Aug 2012, Posted by admin

We has been asked to give a FEIERABENDLECTURE within this really nice hands-On-format called DesignWorkshop by TwoPoints, but unfortunately we are too busy/ it is tooo hot / we are disabled & speechless at the moment… Anyhow thanks for thinking of us, dear Martin and…

Before the infinite typetrooper…

26 Jun 2012, Posted by admin

generative & interactive type reseach project, 2012 Based on the idea that the most interesting part of an animation is always the transition from a to b, we are dedicating their latest research on this topic: to push the limits of a readable animated glyph….

Infinite Type Trooper

17 Jun 2012, Posted by admin

See a video documentation of our latest parametric type installation at the Digital Experience Festival in Turin. Thanks Thype! and Boumaka for the invite – we had a blast.

Hello Italy! – Digital Experience Festival

30 May 2012, Posted by admin

This weekend, we are invited by thype to talk and present our brandnew project at Turino’s Digital Experience Festival: T   Y   P   E   T   R   O   O   P   E   R  – an interactive typewriter kit extended out…

Upper Space & Lower Case Photos

24 May 2012, Posted by admin

Have a look at our latest exhibition picutres from ‘Upper Space & Lower Case’ over at Flickr. Thanks everyone for making this event a blast.

15.09.2012 – Upper Case & Lower Space

10 May 2012, Posted by admin

Guys, we really got in trouble to find a decent date for our next event: Because: It’s TYPO BERLIN 2012 WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK again! Saturday, 19.5.  we gonna now unfortunately collide with the closing party of the TYPO BERLIN 2012. It’s a shame -believe it or not…

Our Opener is ready!

17 Mar 2012, Posted by admin

Directed and produced by Bärbel Bold _____________ Thanks to: Sounddesign by Nikolai von Sallwitz vonsallwitz.com _____________ An applied case of using vvvv-patch “Buchstabengewitter” by Ingo Italic

Bleed Festival Ghent

15 Mar 2012, Posted by admin

We are proud to anounce that Letters Are My Friends will be part of the awesome visual design get-together BLEED in Ghent Belgium at the end this month. Pieter of POSTRmagazine fame has assembled a great line-up of creative heads that will present their ideas on…